About the catalogue

The Elsevier Heritage Collection Catalogue provides information about Elsevier's corporate collection of antiquarian books. The collection contains more than 1100 distinct titles printed or published by the early modern Elzevier firm, approximately 400 non-Elzevier early modern antiquarian titles, and over 2000 items in total. The collection is divided into a "core" group, and a "reserve" group, which consists of additional copies of titles in the core group.

The catalogue includes bibliographic information that allows comparison of items in the collection to similar items worldwide, including reference numbers to the standard Willems and Copinger printed reference works on the Elzeviers, as well as STCN fingerprint data.

High-resolution exterior documentary photographs of many of the books in the core group have been integrated into the catalogue. These photographs allow online study of the bindings in the collection, from contemporary plain parchment bindings and gilt prijsboek bindings to colorful 19th-century fine bindings crafted by master bookbinders and finishers.

Scholars, students, and other interested persons are invited to browse the catalogue and contact us with questions and comments.